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15 Effective Ways to Grow Your Subscriber List

List buildingAn email subscriber list is one of the most valuable marketing tools you have in your box. The comprehensive subscriber list is a proven resource for effective, targeted marketing. When you have created such a list, it is so sought-after you have to protect it at all costs. Why is a subscriber list so important? Because subscribers are actively opting in to hear about your company and your products. They are already interested and they have made the effort to sign up. When you are building a list, there are some things you need to remember – we’ve got the hints and tips to help you.

What is a Subscriber List?

The email subscriber list is based on the permission model, which means it contains the information of people who are actively interested in what you have to say – they signed up. When people sign up you collect their information, and use this info to inform your email communications. Segmentation allows you to tailor email messages to your subscribers’ needs. You can guide each person through the decision-making process when you create specific content for each need.

Here are the 15 tips we found useful for building your email subscriber list:

1) Give Quality Content

When people give you their email address they expect something in return. They are attracted by the idea of the content you offer for free. And they expect to be supplied with quality, relevant content on a regular basis. Make sure yours is interesting. It will attract as well as keep subscribers.

2) Carefully Design Your Form

The sign-up form should only contain the most relevant questions to get the information you need. In general, shorter is better. You get better conversion rates. Make sure the form is easy to fill out.

3) Add a Call to Action

Adding “Sign Me Up Now!” or something similar creates a better connection and makes it more likely that people will submit their details.

4) Put Forms Everywhere

Make sure the sign up form is prominent on every page of your website. Put it where potential subscribers are likely to see it.

Lead Generation Ideas5) Create Landing Pages

Send visitors to dedicated landing pages where they can access premium content when they sign up to the list. This helps to increase conversions and boost your traffic.

6) Integrate with Social Media

Add sign-up forms and opportunities to opt in on your social media platforms. You get traffic from different sources, which helps build a more comprehensive marketing list.

7) Publish a Privacy Policy

Potential subscribers need to know that you are not going to pass their email address and info onto someone else. When you publicly show your privacy policy it builds crucial trust.

8) Give Stuff Away

People want something they can use – think of free stuff you can give to subscribers like an eBook, or a whitepaper.

9) Promote Your Content

You need to give some indication and proof of what people will get when they sign up, otherwise they may not find it worth their while. Give a taste of what you are offering with teaser content, or repackaged old content to draw people in.

10) Get People to Share

Make it easy for subscribers to share your most valuable content, and specifically ask people to share when you are creating the content. Add the social media share buttons but also make it clear that this is something you want people to do.

11) Create a Distribution Strategy

When you produce excellent content you need it to reach the widest audience possible. Define your audience and find out what they read and where they go online – go there too.

12) Blog on a Regular Basis

Make sure your blog posts are interesting and relevant and publish on a regular basis so you are regularly attracting opt-ins.

13) Write Guest Blog Posts

Add a backlink to your blog. You will reach a wider audience with you content, build links with other bloggers, and boost your search ranking.

14) Include Testimonials

Add testimonials on the landing page which will increase brand trust and loyalty.

15) Build Your List Offline

Collect email addresses whenever you are at a trade show, conference, or networking event. Collect business cards or use an app to fill out details on your tablet or smartphone.

Let’s go! Now you’ve got some great ways to help build your email marketing list. Get growing and create your own valuable marketing tool.

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