Are You Making These 8 Common Blogging with WordPress Mistakes?

Blogging with WordPress Mistakes?You’ve started your blog, you’re writing every week, and you’re waiting for the money and the leads to pour in. Months later, you’re still waiting. What are you doing wrong? Unfortunately, it takes more than simply creating a blog and writing a few posts for success to happen. Take a look below – successful bloggers don’t make these eight mistakes.


1) Blogging with WordPress for Search Engines

You cannot write for Google only. Doing so will ensure robots only read your blog, and it won’t help your search engine rankings anyway. You do need to consider keywords, but you also need to consider your human readers. Primarily, you want people to share your content, so you need to make it accessible and interesting to your target audience. SEO is also important but not at the cost of readers.

2) Creating Poor Headlines

No matter how great your blog post is, no one will actually read it unless your headline draws them in. Take a look at your posts – can you write better headlines? The best headlines have numbers in them, and they also address the reader as you. A headline should be catchy, original, and smart – vague and overly-descriptive headlines are out. There are various tools out there that analyze the success rating – simply type in your ideas to check them out.

3) Not Analyzing or Monitoring the Blog

It doesn’t matter if some of your posts do great if you don’t measure and monitor their success – how else are you going to replicate what went right and avoid what went wrong? It would help if you looked at who comes to your blog and how long they spend, what they do etc. Google Analytics is the best way to get a good view of the performance of your blog.

4) Only Talking About Yourself

If you are only talking about your products and how great your company is, you might also publish your catalog on your blog and leave it at that. People don’t read blogs to learn about products; they read them to get inspired, understand how to make changes in their lives, solve problems they have, and be entertained. You need to provide information, valuable ideas, and entertainment value and not simply describe your products and how they work.

5) Failing to Market Your Blog

The best blog posts in the world won’t get very far if you are not marketing them effectively. It would help if you promoted your blog to get the best from it. Every blog post should be shared on social media, and you can also submit your posts or your content to shared sites that group together content on similar themes. A variety of different tools help to share your posts and bring them to a wider market. Try some for size and see what works best.

6) Lack of Images

BloggerWords are great, but a wonderful blog post also needs images. You must use relevant images as without them; the post looks entirely dull. Infographics are also rapidly increasing in popularity, so see if you can use infographics to boost your blog traffic and shares.


7) Not Replying to Comments

If you allow comments on your blog, do not simply let them sit there without commenting. If you ignore comments, you are ignoring your audience. A simple reply is fine – you do not have to write an essay. Avoid getting defensive or aggressive if someone has said something negative. A tactful answer is fine. Plus, looking at blog comments can inspire new blog posts and ideas for reaching out to your market in other ways.

8) Being Impatient

Some people do make an instant success of their blogs. Some people – most people – have to work at it long and hard. You need to have a little patience while setting up a blog and the tenacity to see things through, even if you do not appear to be getting many results upfront. A good blog will work wonders for your brand, but you have to spend time nurturing it, writing, sharing, monitoring, and improving. Look at your blog as something to develop over time and not as a quick fix.

As you progress with your blog, be sure to keep your reader in mind. What do they want? How will they benefit from your post? When you write for your market and not just yourself or your bottom line, you will see much better results.

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