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Quick and Easy ClickMagick Review

When you’re a marketer looking for hard stats and proof of what is actually working within your marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to know where to go. So many tools and apps promise reliable, effective and stress-free testing but so many fail to deliver on promises. Which is why we were interested to read about the ClickMagick solution. With a slew of positive testimonies online, we decided to test it for ourselves. What exactly is ClickMagick? What does it offer the busy marketer? Find out the facts about ClickMagick with our quick review.

ClickMagick Features and Benefits:

Ability to Effectively Rate Split- Tests

One of the toughest parts of building an effective online marketing plan is split testing – knowing when you have enough clicks to be able to declare one of your split tests the ClickMagickwinner. Before you know it you’ve spent too long trying to judge, and you actually waste the momentum you have developed behind the split tests. ClickMagick is good for this – with the Split-Test Winner Alerts you don’t have to worry about when to call it. You get a notification when there is a statistically valid winner, which makes it easier to develop effective split-testing for your marketing campaigns.

Track Your Traffic

Of course, one of the most important aspects of maintaining an affiliate marketing campaign is tracking your traffic quality – not just the numbers, but the quality of the traffic, which makes a big difference to the success of your campaigns. The ClickMagick system works with traffic quality scores so you always know how well you are doing.

An extra feature that also works to help safeguard the success of your links is an automatic link-monitoring system that alerts you to any sites that you link to which are down. No one wants a wasted click, which is why you can act and pause the ad or redirect it when there is a problem.

Specially-Developed Pop Ups

Add your own pop ups to any site, even ones you don’t own, with the MagickPop set of pop ups that are available for different types of loading including exit or delayed pop ups. We like the way you’re in control of these pop ups and they can certainly be useful as part of your overall affiliate marketing strategy.

Pop ups include a useful countdown timer that you can add to a website to promote the idea of scarcity, which is proven to get people moving and buying.

Additional Notification Bars

Another useful addition to your marketing mix is a notification bar, and the ClickMagick notification bar is one of the most useful we have seen, allowing you to add a  notification bar to any website and include the content most appropriate to your campaigns.

Add Retargeting Links

The ClickMagick retargeting link puts a retargeting pixel onto any of the tracking links you employ, which allows you to track visitors as they move from your page and continue to browse the internet.

Track Conversion

Add Affiliate Links

It is a good idea to add dynamic, not static or generic, affiliate links so you direct people where you want them to go, and avoid sending them somewhere that isn’t profitable. You choose whether you link to an order form or direct to a site. We like this ability to set destinations so precisely as it increases the chances of success with the process.

Target Your Clicks via Location

We also like the idea of being able to direct people automatically to different web pages based on where they are, and whether they are using a mobile device or desktop. You can optimize the traffic and work to deliver the optimum return on your investment.

Advantages of ClickMagick:

When we looked at the ClickMagick deal we found a number of different benefits compared to other competitor software, as demonstrated in other online ClickMagick reviews. The price looks to be lower than comparable products, and we also believe that the accuracy is higher – which gives you double the advantages. We also liked the fact that you can use ClickMagick wherever you advertise, whether that is on Facebook, Twitter, or across Google. This provides excellent versatility.

The split testing features are easy to use and effective, and you can use the system to track complete sales funnels. You need to spend a little time getting up to speed with the program but it is easier to use than many of its competitors. You don’t have to wade through a lot of jargon in order to start with the process. And with its geotargeting and mobile filtering you get a lot of features for your money. There’s a 14 days free trial, too, which is great when you want to test it out for yourself. ==> Get all the details here!



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