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Can BeReal Maximize Your Marketing Efforts? New Social Media App Explained


Did you know social media platforms follow the classic Product Life Cycle (PLC)?

Like any other product or service, social media apps go through stages of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Initially, they are used primarily for personal connections. However, as they gain popularity and grow, marketers realize the prospective to reach their target audience. It’s also beneficial for app owners who can earn on it. As a result, social media platforms often transform into powerful marketing tools for businesses.

Will the same scenario come true for BeReal?

BeReal is a new social media trend, and marketers are already intrigued by its potential. If you’re also interested in exploring its possibilities, here you get it! This comprehensive guide will equip you with knowledge about this app’s options, limitations, and unique characteristics. You’ll also learn how it can help your marketing efforts.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is unlike the other apps; it offers all the authenticity people miss on social media. It encourages users to capture real-life moments and share them immediately.

How does it work?

Every day you receive a push notification reminding you to take a snapshot of what you are doing at that moment. The time you receive it is random, yet, it’s the same for everyone. You only have two minutes to take a shot, which is captured simultaneously using both your front and back cameras.

As a result, users can show their raw, unfiltered moments, which is a refreshing change from highly edited social media content. By capturing real-life moments in the spur of the moment, users share a glimpse of their life with the world, providing an unedited look into their daily activities.

Precisely as the BeReal app announced, it’s a new and unique way to discover who your friends are in their daily lives.

Limitations on Brand Accounts and Advertising

BeReal’s raw, unfiltered vibe makes it an attractive social network for many users. However, the app’s setup is not conducive to brand accounts.

The app’s terms and conditions prohibit using it for advertising or commercial purposes. BeReal’s no-ads policy aligns with its mission of rejecting filters, edits, and influencer culture. Moreover, industry experts discourage organizations from using this platform to do partnerships with influencers.

Despite these restrictions, BeReal can be very beneficial for creating a genuine brand image.

BeReal’s Marketing Potential

While BeReal may not offer traditional advertising opportunities, it still has immense marketing potential. How is it possible?

The reason is BeReal’s raw vibe and specific culture. It benefits marketing specialists on many levels: from growing their community to building organic buzz and enhancing brand awareness.

For example, the app poses an excellent opportunity to connect with the audience on a deeper level. It focuses on community-building so users automatically transfer all the feelings associated with strengthening relationships toward brands.

Additionally, by sharing creative content, brands can increase their visibility and attract new followers. It can be a valuable complement to a brand’s marketing strategy on other social media channels because it helps to reinforce messaging.

After all, BeReal marketing potential lies in its ability to foster genuine connections with audiences and drive engagement through creative content.

The Unique Features of BeReal That Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

User Opinion of BeReal

User opinion on this new social media trend is overwhelmingly positive.

The latest BeReal study revealed that 79% of users hold a favorable or very favorable view of the app. It’s not all: most respondents in a recent survey found the “Time To BeReal” notifications to be helpful (35%), motivating (23%), and encouraging (18%), all of which are positive feelings that can translate to your brand as well.

By leveraging BeReal’s positive user sentiment, brands can tap into the app’s authentic and raw vibe to connect with their target audience and enhance their brand image. The app’s focus on promoting real-life moments provides a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their authenticity and build a loyal following.

As long as users continue to view BeReal in a positive light, brands have a chance to ride that wave of positive sentiment that already exists. The benefit? Improved perception and positive reputation of the brand.

User Engagement on BeReal

Data confirm that BeReal is quickly becoming a fan-favorite among social media enthusiasts.

A staggering 88% of BeReal users open the app daily, demonstrating high engagement. Only 77% of those users take a BeReal on a daily basis, but still, the commitment level is impressive, especially when compared to other popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

These figures put BeReal in a favorable light.

By having such a high level of user engagement, brands can expect high exposure every day. This is also a promising sign regarding users’ attitudes. With this approach, they will likely be open to exploring new experiences on the app.

BeReal: the high FOMO effect

Short and random notifications have proven to be the perfect FOMO fuel.

BeReal’s unique community-focused approach has created a strong sense of fear of missing out among its users. This phenomenon occurs when people feel anxious about not being involved in a particular experience or event. In BeReal’s case, this fear is driven by the app’s ability to create a sense of exclusivity.

As a result, 68% of survey takers experience FOMO on BeReal, with 35% reporting that it’s more intense than on other social media platforms.

The FOMO experience builds a sense of urgency, motivating users to take action. This creates an excellent opportunity for marketers to leverage this effect to promote their products and services. For instance, they can make limited-time offers or exclusive deals that only BeReal users can access.

The key is aligning the marketing message with the app’s values and creating a shared experience. This way, brands can harness the power of the FOMO effect on BeReal to drive engagement and sales.

BeReal Demographic

For businesses, Gen-Z is a crucial demographic to target. They also make up the bulk of BeReal’s user base.

It’s not surprising news: Gen-Zers are always on the lookout for new social media platforms to explore, and BeReal’s focus on authenticity and community-building aligns well with their values. It also appears to be an excellent platform for businesses hoping to reach this audience.

Besides targeting this demographic with the right content, choosing the winning strategy is crucial. Here you get it: research shows that 82% of Gen Z buyers are more likely to trust a brand if it uses images of actual customers in its ads. Businesses can drive conversions using BeReal’s user-generated content to build trust with their target audience. Brands can also tailor their messaging to align with BeReal’s values.

Overall, BeReal’s Gen-Z audience offers brands a unique opportunity to engage with a valuable audience in an effective way.

Marketing examples

BeReal does not allow traditional advertising. However, this does not mean we cannot build our brand here. The key is to find a creative strategy that fits naturally into the content of this application.

Here are some excellent examples of how brands used BeReal to reach their marketing goals.

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Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe didn’t limit itself just to one channel: it started with promoting its BeReal account in the email campaign. They promised to bring exclusive offers, authentic Glow Recipe content & more! They delivered on it, offering exclusive checkout codes to receive free samples to their BeReal community.

Glow Recipe


Chipotle is probably the most famous example, as it was one of the first (and most successful) brands that decided to promote on BeReal. Its campaign was launched in the spring of 2022 and is based on a sense of close community. Simply put, this Mexican fast-food brand offered free meals and discounts only for their “friends” from BeReal.


Besides, it organized a Halloween contest that required publishing a BeReal picture while visiting Chipotle in a Halloween costume. After posting this BeReal on Instagram, participants could win the delicious “Burritos for a Year Prize.”


Unlike the other examples, Kiehl’s set up a company account to show behind the scenes. The company engaged its employees to capture BeReals with themselves or the company’s mascot, Mr. Bones. Such a strategy is a great way to show the company’s human face to potential customers and build an authentic brand.


Final thoughts

Despite its popularity among users (especially Gen Z), BeReal is still poorly used by brands. This is partly due to their regulations and restrictions. However, this situation creates a lot of room for those companies that are bold, creative, and ready to explore new opportunities to build customer relationships.

I hope this article inspired you to go that way!

Short bio: Karolina Turowska, a writer and travel enthusiast at When it comes to writing, she loves bringing dry facts to life. When it comes to traveling, she loves bikes.

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