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Top 7 Marketing Funnel Metrics You Need To Track

For every successful marketing, many strategies are used to bring more and more customers. Including this, there are marketing funnel metrics, a customer’s journey who learns about the business or a company until he becomes a paying customer or a regular consumer of a particular market. The marketing funnels are the essential business element, just as we use SEO for interior design; When you place the elements optimally on space, it works more attractively, and it helps to enhance the business to an extend.

Marketing Funnel Metrics

Marketing funnel refers to tracking the customer’s journey, the processes in which you measure how someone comes upon your brand, consuming any good, and finally becoming a regular customer. As marketing funnels help speed the sale process, marketers try to build top-funnel metrics for their business. In this article, we have listed seven essential metrics you need to track for your business. These areas follow;

#1. Amount of Entry Traffic

Most of the business’s success is measured by the number of audience or visitors one has on the page or a website. The entry metrics can be defined as measuring the number of leads the marker gets on his website. It would be best to determine where and how the person reached your website, whether by clicking on Instagram or Facebook ads, whether they walked into the email list or any other source. It is considered an important funnel metric. These metrics of the entrance are calculated by adding the number of visitors you find from various sources they reached your website in a specific period. For example, the visitors enter your website every day in a month, then each visitor will be calculated specifically in a unique way. It will let you know the progress of your business.

#2. Changing Rates

A higher changing rate is considered better because it lets you check your weak points and focus on declining your leads. While determining the leads, many questions come to mind: What is the percentage you are bringing your leads? How much time does it take to bring a customer or close the customer? The visiting of the customers on your website depends on the choices. For example, if the customer is a student, they would be looking to apply. And they look at the prescriptions and outlook of the page. Try including some relative content to improve your leads.

#3. Bounce Rate

By bounce rate, we mean that the number of customers who visit your website and then leave without showing any other response. Thus funnel metrics are calculated as; the single page session divided by the total number of the session. The calculated metrics give you information about how the customer responds to your posts, blog, or content on your website and who is not responding. It may happen because your content is not attracting them, so you need to focus on their negative response.

#4. Maximum Reach

It is also an important funnel metric. In this, we calculate those visiting people to whom your ad has been delivered through various platforms. Reaching customers is a challenging task; for this, you make ads for various platforms such as Facebook because most people use that social app, and there are more chances to target you, customers, through that platforms. The metrics help you determine how your strategy is working and how to extend your ad to reach the people to visit your website.

#5. Brand Campaigner Score

Keeping the progress and health of your brand is a crucial part, and the metrics have great importance as it requires considering how your business or brand is being recognized among the audience. The calculation of these funnel metrics takes some time as you need to do surveys, through which you come to know about the customer’s response regarding your brand. The process of sending surveys must be performed often to keep in view the brand’s progress. If the progress is low, you should find out the reasons behind this and try to improve.

#6. Average Visit Timings

The more a customer spends time on your page or website, when your content is appealing and attracting them, making them stay longer on your website. And if the visitors leave your site early, that means they did not find anything interesting. This final metric helps you provide information regarding this by calculating the customer’s time spent on your website. The higher time average means that the people are more engaged with the content and are spending more time on your website.

#7. Sales Velocity

It is another important marketing funnel that refers to the sales of your market. These metrics help you calculate the total sale of your leads and helps you know about how much revenue you are generating according to the period, such as how much revenue you generate in a month depending upon the total leads. By calculating these, it let you figure out what variable you should work on and bring improvement to enhance the marketing.

Marketing Funnel Metrics

Wrap Up!

Like all other marketing strategies, marketing funnel metrics also have great importance in the field of business. These metrics help you determine your company’s progress and let you figure out the solutions to improve the weakness if there is an unfortunate decline in the progress of the business. We hope that those seven marketing funnels are understandable and will help you enhance your business.


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